Final Project

The final project consists of a Green Map for Tirana. Green Maps are maps created by people about their own community, and that have an environmental theme. They show locations of natural, cultural, and sustainable resources such as recycling centers, historic sites, parks, toxic waste site, etc.

Children first use paper and crayons to map out their own understanding and experience with their community’s green resources and afterwards transfer that knowledge into a GIS. Children work in teams. Each team is asked to develop two green maps: one that shows existing resources, one that shows their vision for allocation of future resources.

The final result is submitted to the Green Map System and to the My Community, Our Earth programs. An Open Letter to the Mayor of Tirana and to the Secretary for the Environment and the Secretary for Education, written and signed by the children, express their support for the environment and request that the Municipality of Tirana, publish their work on their website.

Please download the Final Project and its corresponding data.